Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fire Dancer in the Pool

We had a fire dancer in the apartment pool last night! But Bob doesn't think this is so wonderful. He's a light sleeper and any noise wakes him up. I sleep with ear plugs, as he snores, so I sleep through everything. I never even knew about the fire dancer until he told me about it this morning and showed me the pics he took with our digital camera. Our pool deck is off the back side of a restaurant in our apartment building and they use it for their open bar. Occasionally, they will have entertainment with very loud music. I rarely hear the music, since I'm kind of hard of hearing to begin with and then I have the wax ear plugs in my ears too. But at 2 A.M. Bob heard the music and when he looked out of our windows, he saw the fire dancer and he took several photos. I suppose he will let the building management know about it too. And we'll be looking for another place to live when our lease is up next April. Probably some place out in the country where we are the only ones for miles and miles.

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