Sunday, June 7, 2009

NeeNee & CheeChee

NeeNee & CheeChee. "What is this?", you ask. These are names that my sister and I called each other when we were little. We have always been Best Friends and still are, even though I live in Dallas, TX and Cindy in Elgin, IL – much too far away from each other, as far as we are concerned. We grew up in Springfield, IL and Cindy stayed in IL throughout her adult life. I went to Tulsa, OK, Dallas, TX, Sarasota, FL and then returned to Dallas.

When I lived in Sarasota, I saw a beaded bracelet at the mall that I liked, but instead of buying it, I decided to try making one similar, because there was a bead shop within a mile of my house and I love making things.

I went to the bead store and picked out beads that were similar to the ones in the bracelet that I liked. I asked a few questions about what kind of wire to use and a clerk in the store showed me how to finish the bracelet with a clasp. The clerk charged a fee for her help.

I liked the bracelet and thought it would be fun to try making more jewelry. A few days later, I spoke to my neighbor Lori, who also was becoming interested in beading. Lori told me about another bead shop close to our houses and that the man who owned it would teach you anything he knew how to do for FREE! Lori and I spent a couple of hours one Saturday at this bead shop. The owner, “an old hippie” he liked to call himself, taught us a lot about beading.

Cindy came to Florida for a visit, and being the artist in the family (Cindy teaches high school art), she too wanted to learn how to do beading. She and I have fun getting together when we can and sharing ideas on beaded items we made.

My sister, her husband and our Mom came to visit last summer and as we were sitting around the table, Cindy and I were making our beaded jewelry and Mom reading her book, Mom casually asked us what we were going to do with all of our beaded items. I thought about it a minute and I told her I'd like to try selling it. She asked me what I was going to name my business and I told her "NeeNee & CheeChee's Beaded Things." I solicited my sister to join me. Thus, NeeNee & CheeChee's Beaded Things was launched.

Cindy and I would do about anything for each other. A couple months ago I was working on a project and I ran out of a particular bead. I called her and asked her if she would hunt them down for me. This past week Cindy called me to ask me to hunt down a particular bead for her that she could no longer find in the Elgin area. We are as close as sisters can possibly be, even when there is a lot of distance between us. We are looking forward to getting together next week and to share our ideas on our beaded projects.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing you in another day or two!