Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr Pepper Museum

Guess where we went today? And it involved no beads! Mike was very grateful for that. These husbands were beginning to think that Cindy and I were ignoring them. Mike, Cindy & I drove to Waco to the Dr Pepper Museum. Bob thought he might be able to go with us, so we walked to the Dallas Farmer's Market first thing this a.m. until we heard from him. But, he called to say he had too much to get caught up on at work. On the way to Waco, we stopped in West, TX for lunch at the Czech-American Cafe. Bob and I had eaten lunch there on July 18, 2008, and we liked it. We walked around the little town and Cindy bought a cute, china tea set for her granddaughter for Saffy's birthday. The Dr Pepper Museum is very interesting and we learned all kinds of facts that EVERYONE needs to know about Dr Pepper. But, I can't think of one of those interesting facts to tell you as I write this. Mike is the Dr Pepper drinker, so he stocked up with a case. It has REAL sugar in them, which you can only buy in Waco, so they say. But, we've found boot-legged bottles of the Dr Pepper with REAL sugar at the grocery store across the street from our apartment. Mike said the caps are different, however. It as a FUN trip!

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