Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Music, Good Friends

I received an email a few days ago from our friends, Cathy & Steve Z. who go to our church. They said that they were coming downtown for the Jazz Under the Stars concert tonight, featuring Havana NRG and they asked us to join them. Havana NRG combines Latin music and jazz for a high-energy fusion sound. I thought it would be fun, so we told them we'd meet them at the concert. They were celebrating Steve's birthday. Chad also joined us and he brought his little dog, Brisket. Cute dog -- for a dog. As most of you know, Bob and I are not dog lovers. Anyway, we all brought food and Cathy brought a birthday cake. We ate and listened to the music. It's fun being with good friends and listening to good music, even when it's high 90's and high humidity. And Bob and I walked to and from the concert and we got our exercise too!

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