Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cavan's Treasures

When my sister was here, we were looking at some bead websites and one of them had this project to make a charm bracelet with these "squished" souvenir coins. Do you remember those machines where you put the penny in it and it comes out elongated? I told her that I had just found a tin that Cavan had with several coins in it and I thought I'd try making a charm bracelet with them. Here is a pic of all of the treasures he collected in his tin. There is also a car part that I'm going to use on my bracelet. Cavan claimed it saved his life. I'm not sure if the car part was some place it shouldn't have been in the engine or what. Anyway, I had Bob buy some Dremel bits today so he could drill holes in the coins for me. He's drilled two coins and already his bit is used up! So much for that idea! He said he'd come up with another idea on how to get the holes in the coins. I'll post a pic of my finished bracelet when/if I get it made. It will be a nice treasure for me once I can wear it.

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