Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Memory of Cavan

In a previous post, I showed a photo of some items I found in a tin that belonged to my son, Cavan. After he died on Nov. 7, 2005, his wife Lauren gave me a box of some of his belongings and I had put them away in a closet without looking through any of the contents until recently. The closet where I had stored his boxes and a lot of other boxes of momentos we don't need, but wanted to keep, was flooded a couple months ago when the upstairs air conditioner hose got plugged up. We had to remove everything from that closet to mop up lots of water. We put everything that was stored in the cardboard boxes into plastic boxes. In doing so, I went through Cavan's belongings. I found this tin of coins and thought perhaps I could do something with them. When my sister was here, we were looking at a website that showed a bracelet made with these "squished" souvenir coins. I showed Cindy the tin of coins that belonged to Cavan and she and I both thought it would make a unique bracelet. I have no idea where Cavan got the coins. His dad traveled around the world for 11 years and maybe he gave Cavan the coins. Also, Cavan took a Mediterranean cruise while he was in the Navy aboard the USS The Sullivans. So, maybe he collected the coins from his trip. I will wear this bracelet often and think of my son, Cavan, whom I miss terribly.

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  1. What a wonderful find and a creative way to remember Cavan. This is just wonderful. A forever keepsake.