Monday, June 29, 2009

Exercising - Bah Humbug!

Well, I have succumbed to joining the Texas Fitness Club. It's certainly NOT my first choice of FUN things I want to do. It's not even on my Top Ten Most FUN Things I Want To Do list! But, I HAVE to do it! I MUST lose this extra weight. At least my doc says I need to do this. I know I'd feel better and look better too, but I just HATE exercising! I have the time now that I'm not working full time and I think back to when we moved back to Dallas in October 2007 and if I'd started exercising then, I'd look great by now. But I didn't. So, now I've gotta do it. Today I had my second session with my personal trainer. She made out a schedule of the exercises I need to do on the machines along with some walking and the elliptical. I will need to work on the machines Mon., Wed. & Fri. and the elliptical with 30 minutes of walking on Tues., Thurs., and Sat. This sounds like a very strenuous schedule to me. I'm used to walking about 30 min. maybe 5 days a week on a good week. I know I'll be very sore tomorrow. Also, I'll be sitting a lot the remainder of this week and next since I accepted a temp job. So, my muscles will get sore. And this means too that I will have to go exercise AFTER work. This makes me tired just thinking about all of this exercising that I will need to do. And don't you feel sorry for me?

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  1. LOL, Linda I know just how you feel!! If I would have started my plan way back when I planned it I would look so much better now...hehehe. Or as Ralph says, life gets in the way. I am re determined to tackle my new plan this week too. Good Luck.