Monday, June 15, 2009

NeeNee & CheeChee's New Beaded Necklaces

Here is a photo of Linda (NeeNee) and Cindy (CheeChee) wearing our newest beaded necklace creations. Of course, we had to go to EVERY bead store in town today and then when we finally got home at 4 p.m. and sat down to work on our new projects we were missing beads!! Cindy bought a Tibetan bead at the Milwaukee Bead Show that she used as a focal bead in the necklace she is wearing. I got inspired for my creation from seeing a necklace yesterday at Froggie's Toy Store. It's a free-form necklace with deep purple and pale yellow Swarovski Crystal beads and lots of wire. I haven't decided yet if this necklace will go on our website or not. I might keep it for myself. Cindy is keeping hers. We have lots more beaded projects to work on and our time together is getting shorter every day.

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  1. First visit! Now I have to catch up on reading this... Looks like fun. Just picked up Paul last night and have course I have two classes back to back and band starts tonight... geez... I've been a slug for three weeks and now full tilt! LOVE LOVE LOVE to all... KEN (PS: I just saw the Instant Message from last night... I am SO on top of things!)