Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being with Family is Wonderful!

Bob and I drove up to Tulsa for the weekend for Carson's 5th birthday party. It was over 100 degrees when we left Dallas and not much cooler when we arrived in Tulsa. Our old car doesn't cool off very well, so it was a very HOT 4-hr. trip! I felt like a wilted flower when we arrived. We stayed with Bob's brother John. He loves to bake cookies, but this weekend he was busy on another project, so no cookies. Just as well, as we are on diets. We went to Carson's party on Sat. She had a new blow-up water slide that went into a pool. All of the kids loved it! If I'd had my swimsuit with me, I would have gotten in too. Corbin grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on his nice outdoor grill. Christian (14 mos.) is walking now, so it was fun watching him. And Caty is so grown up! My adorable grandkids! What FUN! We went with them to their church this a.m. We sure did miss their former pastor, Peter, though. Afterwards, we went to The Bistro -- Corbin & Christy's after-church brunch hang out. It was a GREAT weekend trip and worth bearing the heat!

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